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My son always enjoyed attending the sessions, quite amazing as at home he found any English work to be completely abhorrent.

LS (Mrs), Altrincham


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My son always enjoyed attending the sessions, quite amazing as at home he found any English work to be completely abhorrent.

LS (Mrs), Altrincham

I began my English tuition with Miss H in Autumn 2004, since then I have approached my schoolwork with a more serious and mature attitude. This has enabled me to have a wider choice of subject options and career possibilities.

KS, Birmingham

My daughter was significantly behind in her studies and seriously lacking motivation for studying for her GCSEs. Her tutor was able to identify her learning needs and work in a supportive manner to help her reach her potential.

S.E.,Mrs, Chorlton, Manchester

Mr C helped my daughter to pass her A Level Chemistry and achieve her ambition of studying Pharmacy at Liverpool John Moores University

P.B. Oldham

I would recommend John as a tutor to anyone with problems with Maths. He has been on time and always has phoned if he has to cancel. He is also very polite and has lots of patience.

Y S, Mrs., Radcliffe

Our tutor helped to build my sons confidence, resulting in him achieving his GCSE dual award Science

Mrs D M, Leeds

Since having a tutor my daughter has learnt how to explore the English language in a fun and exciting manner.

F.B., Manchester

My daughter took her SATS in May 2005 and we believe that, as a direct outcome of Mr T's excellent tutoring and patience, she was able to reach a high standard, coming amongst the top in her year.

M M H, Mrs., Manchester

I contacted Select Tutors because I needed help with my A-level Mathematics. With the help of the tutor I managed to achieve the grade required for university entry to study Architecture.


I was studying A-levels in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics, not only did the tutor help with my Chemistry, but he was also able to help me with my other A-level subjects particularly Mathematics

S.A. Birmingham

Tuition builds confidence

Mrs CR, Manchester

I am delighted to report that following individual tutoring by Ahmed, supplied to me by Select Tutors, my daughter Alexandra has achieved GCSE dual award Science with a grade of A*A* in 2006.

DT, Hale, Cheshire

I started my English and French tuition with Select Tutors in Year 10, and have found it most helpful in both English and French grammar, which are not taught sufficiently at my school.

P S, Birmingham

My son had help with his A-level Chemistry, it brought him from an AS grade E to A-level grade B.

M.L. (Mrs), Oldham

We are very pleased with the individual tutoring by Ms.A, supplied to us by Select Tutors, our son has passed his 11plus and private school exams

Mr. and Mrs. RT, Altrincham

Accepted for University

M Mc, Wakefield

My son has achieved good marks and his standard in education has improved since using Select Tutors agency. I would not hesitate in recommending the agency to my friends.

G.S. (Mrs), Leicester

Success in KS3 Science

LW, Nottingham

Our Tutor concentrated particularly on the Maths curriculum and most particularly on enhancing the traditional Maths skills, which are lacking in numeracy lessons.

J.C. (Mrs), Leicester

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